Lola Monroe added to the Taylor Gang

D.C. native Angel “Lola” Luv/ Monroe is now calling herself D.C.’s first female rapper.  And after being nominated for a BET Hip Hop Award this year, other nominees thought was a joke, rapper Wiz Khalifa decided to add her to his Taylor Gang crew.

Angel has been linked to rapper Young Jeezy,  R&B artist Trey Songz, and a few others over the past few years. The model has been known to change up her image ever now and then and with the inconsistency of her name I don’t see Lola as a real rap competitor she shows no consistancy. Hopefully Wiz can help her give Nicki a run for her money. No doubt the girl is pretty but it takes a lot more than just a pretty face.

She is set to release her new single and 2 mixtapes, one of them titled “The Crown Ain’t Safe” hosted by DJ Ill Will.  She’s also launching a non-profit foundation “Triumphant Angel,” with HIV/Aids divisions, which focuses on all aspects of abuse.

Photoshoot done by Will Sterling and the makeup fabulously done by Jeremy Dell

My favorite of all. The tights, the gold link necklace, the orange and purple color block it works for me.


By juicyjuice411

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